Yoga & Pilates in North London


"Louise's class is like a little oasis in my week; the perfect antidote to hours hunched over a computer."
Karen M

"An excellent teacher! I have been coming to Louise's class for over a year, and feel much better for it. As a middle-aged man who was becoming just a bit too sedentary, I can really recommend her lessons. A wonderful bonus for me is her great choice of music - very interesting and subtly hip." 
John E

"A lovely, friendly atmosphere in the class. Louise is very precise with her instructions, and clearly explains the purpose of each exercise.  She gives individual attention to each person to make sure that they are making the most from the session. I highly recommend it."
Miriam G

"Louise gently guides you through the exercises and at the end of it you have a real feeling of well being, but also that you have been breathing and working your body. I really do look forward to our weekly session which in my case says it all."
Dorothy C

"Louise's class is a tonic for the body, mind and soul. This was my first introduction to Pilates and I found the class welcoming and accessible. It really makes a difference to my week. Louise strikes the perfect balance between instruction and silence, exercise and relaxation. For me the person leading a class is central to whether or not I will enjoy it and Louise's calm yet focused approach makes this the most enjoyable class I have attended".
Gael C

"Louise's Pilates classes are wonderfully calm and peaceful.  She always describes exactly what we should be doing at any given moment. Afterwards you feel as if you have gently stretched every muscle and that your body has had a really good work-out".
Sue C

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