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Life coaching lends a helping hand in difficult or uncertain times - when we’ve lost our mojo, feel stuck ... or life's thrown us a giant curved ball, like the current lockdown.

It helps you unlock your potential by providing supportive space to pause, reflect, and create a more fulfilling life.

As a life coach, my role is to listen, and to ask questions. To help you to clarify your current life priorities, what you want to change, and how you can get there. I don't give advice; instead I support you find your own goals and solutions, at a pace you feel comfortable with.

I offer 3 kinds of coaching (see below). All sessions take place online via Zoom

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Life Coaching - Space to refocus & repurpose (£50/hour)

Have you lost your mojo? Or had a life event, which has led to soul-searching? This could be a loss (bereavement, redundancy, retirement); or a change in personal or family relationships (separation/divorce/ estrangement), or in your health or life circumstances. Time to build the life you want.

Wellness Coaching – Boost health & well-being (£50/hour)

Wellness coaching can work wonders when you don’t know where to start, or need motivation. It will help you to establish a sustainable practice of self-care, by identifying barriers and a strategy to deal with them, and by the setting of personal goals.

Vegan CoachingFood for Thought (£160 for a 4-week programme)

For anyone wishing to switch to a vegan diet/ lifestyle. Based on my 38 years of living vegan, this programme (in 4 x Zoom sessions) includes a booklet and covers topics like; your relationship with food, the perks of being plant-based, shopping vegan, go-to recipes, and holding your own in social situations. Includes fun tasks and homework.

The First Step

A free 15 min telephone chat, to see if we’re a good match. Email me to book a slot.

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My Approach, Training & Background

I abide by a professional code of ethics, and all sessions are strictly confidential. I have a Diploma in Life Coaching, and over 13 years wellness experience as a Yoga & Pilates Teacher specialising in mind-body practices. I also have an extensive background in health advocacy, and disability, including producing a film for the NHS's Expert Patient Programme.

What to Expect

Life coaching helps us integrate the various aspects of our lives to work more effectively. Change is challenging, so you will need to be committed and determined: to learning more about you - your strengths, values, needs, and limits. 

Sessions can be for a set number or ongoing (for as long as you feel you need it). I'd suggest a block of 4 to start with, if you can afford that. Alternatively, book one session to see how it feels.

(Please note that life coaching is not psychotherapy or counselling, so I may signpost you to other services when appropriate).

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Why Choose Life Coaching?

Life coaching can help when you’re feeling stuck, or uninspired - or perhaps a recent life event has led you to reevaluate. Increasing levels of stress can also take their toll, on work performance and job satisfaction, relationships, finance and general wellbeing. The main aim of life coaching is to empower clients to commit to change their lives for the better. The underlying concept is that we can all strive for self-improvement and development and eventually live richer, fuller and more meaningful lives. 

Email me for more info.

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